Israeli army is planning to divide the West Bank into three isolated parts by setting up a checkpoint that separates the northern section of the West Bank with its middle and southern parts.

Israeli army is carrying a plan which aims to divide the West Bank into three isolated parts, with roadblocks, settlement constructions and the separation Wall dividing them.

altIsrael started to construct a huge checkpiont near south of Nablus near the Tappoah settlement, to separate the northern West Bank from the middle areas, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Sunday.

An Israeli military source told Haaretz that the army decided nine months ago, to construct this roadblock, which includes ten routes, eight leading to the south and two to the north of the West Bank.

One of the routes will be used for ambulances and urgent cases, while another route will be used to enable easy passage for West Bank settlers.

Nablus governor, Mohammad Al Aloul, said that this plan aims to separate Nablus district from Jenin and the rest of the districts in the West Bank.

Al Aloul expressed deep concerns that Israel might consider these roadblocks and routes as international border crossings as it is currently considering Qalandia checkpoint, south of Ramallah as a border crossing in spite that it is far from Jerusalem and the Green Line with Israel.

An Israeli political diplomat reported that the installing the huge roadblock south of Nablus is one phase of Israeli policy of limiting the freedom for movement of the Palestinians by creating three huge isolated cantons in the West Bank; the other phases are resembled by controlling main roads in the West Bank and expanding Israeli settlements.

Currently, the Qalandia checkpoint is considered a main roadblock which separates the center of the West Bank from the south.

Israeli constructed Modi’in – Giv’at Zeev road west of the checkpoint, which will only be used by settlers which disconnected the direct link between Palestinian areas within Ramallah district.

The Separation Wall around Jerusalem, settlement road number 60, Abu Dis checkpoint and settlement constructions which are encircling Jerusalem are completely separating between central West Bank areas and the south.