An Israeli soldier was killed in a gun battle with the Palestinian resistance when the troops invaded the northern West Bank village of Mirka near Jenin on Wednesday morning and arrested a resident, Palestinian sources reported.

20-year-old Sgt. Yonatan Evron, is the first fatality among the Israeli army troops since the implementation of the disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip four small northern West Bank settlements, in September.
Israeli sources said the arrested Palestinian is a Hamas activist wanted by the Israeli security forces, and has surrendered without resistance.
‘After the soldiers transferred him into a military jeep, they noticed suspicious movement nearby and opened fire,’ the source said.
Clashes erupted and Evron sustained a head wound.  He was treated at the scene, but died from his wounds shortly after.
Invading Mirka village is apparently part of a wide-scaled campaign Israeli army is carrying out, targeting the Palestinian resistance men.
Earlier Wednesday morning, the army arrested an Islamic Jihad activist in the Qabatiya refugee camp south of Jenin, and another in Beit Rima north of Ramallah.
Israeli forces managed to arrest a leader of the Aqsa Martyr brigades, the armed wing of the Fatah movement, on Tuesday night.
Troops also assassinated two of the resistance fighters in Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.
Fawzi Abu El-Qari, 43, of the Qassam brigades, of Hamas, and Hassan Al-Madhoun 23 of the Aqsa Martyr brigades of Fatah were killed when Israeli air force gun ship fired a missile at a car they were riding in the camp.