Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei said on Tuesday that the current Israeli leadership does not seek peace and is still governed by the “arrogance of power”.

“This leadership is obsessed with an aggressive conception”, Qurei said, “It cannot make peace”.

Also, Qurei added that the Israeli leadership is trying to impose a one-sided solution to the conflict, and continues to expand West Bank settlement blocks and the construction of the Separation Wall which reveals a wider Israeli expansion and annexation plan in the West Bank.

Qurei considered the Israeli decision, to continue the construction the Wall and the plans to construct settlement blocks in the occupied West Bank and the Golan Heights, as a plan of “aggression” which will not lead the area into peace and stability.

“The Israeli leadership is still overwhelmed by the feeling of power and the sense of aggressiveness”, Qurei said, and called on the Israelis to reject the statements of the Israeli defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, who said that “peace is not possible with the current Palestinian generation”.

“Israel continues to escape its obligations, and avoids the peace process”, Qurei stated, “The Israeli leadership in continuously attempting to impose their unilateral solutions”.