The Israeli army announced on Wednesday morning that it intends to dismantle the integrated security perimeter which surrounds Yitzhar settlement, north of the West Bank.

The army made this decision after settlers destroyed security cameras and a radar system that were installed near the settlement’s perimeter, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported.

The cameras were installed in to replace a fence surrounding the settlement perimeter after the settlers protested the enclosure of the settlement with a “traditional security fence”.

Israeli Army central Command head Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh said that the new equipment was installed as part of an agreement reached with the settlers, and that the army used expensive equipment in exchange for a promise from the settlers not to sabotage the system.

The agreement was violated by settlers who sabotaged the radar system and destroyed the security cameras.

Yitzhar settlers have repeatedly vandalized security equipments and conducted repeated violent clashes with the soldiers and Israeli police, in addition to their continuous attacks against the Palestinian residents, and their orchards in the area.

A paratrooper division of the Israeli army was posted in the settlement a few months ago, but it was withdrawn after the settlers cut of the water supplies and vandalized their military jeeps and vehicles.