Residents of the West Bank village of Azmout, near Nablus, complained of repeated attacks carried out by extremist settler groups Alon Moreh settlement, near the village.

Resident Abdul-Ghani Al Azmouti, said that three Palestinian families were attacked recently while picking their olives.

“The attacks were psychical and verbal”, Al Azmouti said, “The settlers also stole most of the olives the residents picked”.

Resident Rabah Darweesh Alawna was recently attacked while picking his olives; the attack was carried out by five settlers who hurled stones at him, then struck him on his head and legs with clubs they were carrying.

Alawna, as well as dozens of other residents, were repeatedly attacked by the settlers, and were not able to pick all of their olives which are adjacent to the settlement.

Yasser Alawna, a field researcher at the Palestinian Independent Commission For Citizen’s Rights said that the settlers carried several attacks against the residents in front of the soldiers, but they did not attempt to stop them.

Alawna added that the Commission is monitoring and recording these attacks in order to expose the violations locally and internationally.

Alon Moreh settlement was constructed on land annexed from the residents of Azmout, Salem, and Dir Al Hatab.