Hamas media spokesperson, Mosheer Al Masry, reported on Saturday that the movement will not agree to a renewal of the ceasefire, which is due by the end of the year, without guarantees that Israel will be committed to the conditions set by the Palestinian factions.

“There are several preconditions the movement, and the Palestinian factions, have specified, but Israel was never committed to the truce,” Al Masry stated. “The Israeli army continued its aggression, committed violations, and killed 120 Palestinians since the truce was declared.”

In addition, Al Masry said that Israel had proved it was not interested in the truce, and did not respect the agreements, and said that the truce and the period of calm was a Palestinian proposal which was respected by all Palestinian factions, but not by Israel.

“Truce under the current situation, that is, continuous military operations and assassinations, is meaningless,” he said.

“The Palestinian factions will make their final decision without any external interference or
pressure,” he added. “We are practicing legitimate resistance against the occupation, and our first priority is the Palestinian people and interests.”

Al Masry rejected recent reports published by the Israeli online daily, Haaretz, which said that Hamas leaders in Syria are negotiating with Arab countries in order to host them if the pressures against Syria continue.

“This is a sort of media war, we are not only in Syria, we are present in several Arab and Muslim countries,” he said.