A Palestinian source reported on Saturday that the Rafah border crossing will be opened next Monday for four hours in order to test the surveillance cameras which will be installed there, in preparation to officially opening the crossing.

The source stated that European delegates, including French experts, arrived at the crossing on Saturday to specify the locations of the cameras, which will be installed after the Israelis, Palestinians and Egyptians agreed to operate the crossing under Palestinian-Egyptian administration and European supervision.

A source at European Union announced recently that it will dispatch senior officials to the Middle East in order to evaluate a possible role for the EU in monitoring the Gaza strip borders, especially in Rafah.

Also, the source stated that an agreement was reached recently in order to operate the terminal 24 hours a day starting from November 25, 2005.

The P.A is seeking aid from the E.U, most likely Germany, in order to form an administrative structure for running the Palestinian crossings. Delegates from the Palestinian Ministries of Transportation and Interior are conducting talks regarding this issue.