The European Union is to announce on Monday a plan in which it will launch a three-year campaign to train Palestinians rebuild the police force, EU official source said on Sunday.

 The campaign, which is planned to start on January 1, includes sending 26 law enforcement experts to advise on how to staff, manage and finance Palestinian police forces, officials said.
There are currently seven EU advisors working with the Palestinian Police in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The 26 EU experts will work with almost a similar number of Palestinian officers.
Officials said the mission will target the cities of Gaza and Ramallah first, then Nablus and the rest of the Palestinian cities.
Such a move might help the Palestinian Authority put an end to the state of lawlesness caused by the destructed PA security forces.  Israel has targeted the PA security officers in the past three years.  Several of them were killed and many quit.
The role of the EU is growing in the Middle East after the Palestinians have lost trust in the U.S. administration.  The Palestinian Authority and Israel agreed on having EU observers on the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the Gaza Strip.
The EU will install cameras that will provide live transmission to the Israeli of the movement on the terminal.