In the wake of Amman explosions, an atmosphere of sadness shrouded the village of Sielet Al-Thaher, south of the West Bank city of Jenin after learning that at least 18 members of Al Akhras family were killed at the Radisson SAS Hotel.

Scores of villagers poured to the family house to express their sadness and support for the family.

The family, their friends and relatives were celebrating the wedding of their son Ashraf Khaled Al Akhras, 19, at the Radisson SAS in Amman.

The groom and his bride survived the blast, the father and mother of the groom died in addition to the father of the bride.

The family said that this attack is a direct violation to the principles of Human rights, and described it as “a barbarous massacre” which also violates the principle of Islam.

“We will not forgive those who committed this crime”, members of Al Akhras family said, “What fault did they commit, to be killed like this!”

Feelings of sadness and rage were high after receiving news that more members of Al Akhras families have died in the blast.

Yosra Al Khras (Ghanim) fell on the ground unconscious after leaning that three members of her family were killed.

“What fault did they do?”, she asks in a choked sad voice, “what did my daughter do to die there, what did my granddaughter, and her daughters Riham and Rima do to die their like this?”

“It seems that injustice always accompanies the Palestinians wherever they go”, she added. “Those terrorists turned our weddings into funerals”.

Sielet Al-Thaher village was dressed in black, the residents rushed to the homes of the bereaved families, especially to the home of Ashraf after the terrorist attack turned him wedding day into a black day which and sad memory which will remain in his mind, and the minds of his bride and families as long as they live.

Hosny, 46, the brother of Khaled Al Akhras, said that the family will never forget, and will never forgive those who conducted this terrorist attack, and massacre.

“My brother Khaled worked as an engineer in Kuwait, he left the country before the 1967 war”, Hosny said, “He called me and invited me to the wedding of his son who works as at the Jordan Hospital, but I couldn’t leave the country because the crossings were closed”.

After the blasts, Hosny tried to leave the country in order to be with the family of his brother in Jordan but could not leave especially since the crossings were completely sealed.

The family was planning to hold the wedding ceremonies before the month of Ramadan, but decided to delay it in order to enable a larger number of relatives come to Jordan and attend it.

Among the residents killed in the Amman blasts, the following names of Palestinian causalities from Sielet Thaher were reported; Khaled Da’aas Al Akhras, 65, his cousin Mahmoud Ali Al Akhras, 39, Omar Al Akhras, 35, his brother Basim, 42, his sister Sameera, 43, and her two daughters, Haleema and Mazin Abdullatif Al Akhras, 47, Aref Abdul-Rahman Al Akhras, 39, in addition to his wife and daughter, Moyassar Mohammad Suleiman Al Akhras, 60, Reem, 16, and her sister Riham Al Qais Ghanim, and 18, and Maha Abdul-Rahman Sameera.