The al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement, released a statement on Friday declaring that it will not disarm and will continue its resistance “until the last settler leaves the country”.

The brigades reported that Hebron will be the “grave of Sharon and his government”, vowing to continue the military operations and resistance until “the liberation of Jerusalem”.

The statement of the brigades came after twenty armed fighters, carrying machine guns and rocket launcher, marched in Hebron on Friday evening. The fighters marched from the north of the city until the City Hall in the center of Hebron, commemorating the first anniversary of Arafat’s death.

Approximately 700 residents, including Palestinian Police and security men, participated in the procession carrying pictures of Arafat and Palestinian flags. Scout groups also participated in the procession, in addition to several factions, officials and public institutions.

Palestinian Legislative council member, Rafiq Al Natsha, delivered a speech representing Fateh movement. “Peace in the area means a Palestinian Independent State, and Jerusalem as its capital”, Al Natsha said, “Peace does not mean withdrawing from Gaza and leaving the rest of the country under occupation”.

The Baptist Mission in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, also participated in the activities and dispatched its representatives and its scout group. The representatives of the mission said that the Palestinians will follow Arafat’s lead until independence and liberation.

Representing the Palestinian and Islamic Factions, researched Abdul-Alim Da’na, said that the United States is controlling the Arabic countries and their “fragile regimes”.

Head of Hebron municipality, Abdul-Nabi Al Natsha, described the late president as “the first bullet” which was fired at the occupation and injustice. “He founded the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and achieved international recognition”, Al Natsha said, “He is the man of peace and war, the man who never gave up the rights of his people”.

Palestinian legislators Rafiq Al Natsha and Nabil Amro also participated in the procession. They told the Palestinenet news Agency that the Palestinians are commemorating Arafat, and his legacy of resistance and steadfastness.