Israeli soldiers broke, on Saturday morning, into the Islamic Waqf department in Bethlehem, and attacked and forced the employees, and residents, out of the building.

Mohammed Taha, head of the Waqf department in Bethlehem, told that Maan News Agency that ten soldiers broke into the building and forced the people out while threatening to fire tear gas bombs.

Soldiers checked the identity cards of the residents after attacking the building, and interrogating them.

Taha considered this attack as an Israeli attempt to terrorize the residents and force them to leave the area of the department, which located close to the Rachel Tomb area, at the northern entrance of the Bethlehem.

Israel plans to control the Waqf department building, and several surrounding constructions in the area, in order to construct a settlement there adjacent to the Rachel Tomb.

Recently, an Israeli plan to annex lands in the area was revealed. The plan involves constructing a Jewish neighborhood behind the separation Wall, near Rachel tomb.