Israeli sources reported that the Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Mordehcai Vanunu was arrested on a Jerusalem Checkpoint.

According to Israeli security source, Vanunu was riding a bus on his way to Jerusalem when the bus was searched by the police.
Vanunu might be accused of violating terms of his parole.  According to Israeli news paper Haaretz, Vanunu has pledged to inform the police anytime he plans to leave Jerusalem.
He might be transferred to the police international relation unit to deal with his case.
Vanunu was released in April 2004 after spending 18 years in Israeli jail for revealing classified information about Israeli Nuclear weapons being produces in the nuclear plant of Demona in the Negev desert.
Upon his release Vanunu was put under heavy security surveillance and is banned to talk to the media.
He failed to get asylum to Sweden because Swedish law prohibits giving asylum to people who are not on Swedish soil.