Israeli war-jets shelled, Tuesday afternoon, several targets in Al Adeesa town, in the south of Lebanon. The shelling came only a few hours after the Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, threatened to shell targets in Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

On tuesday, Mofaz met with the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, Northern Command Chief Udi Adam and other senior officers in the northern region, and conducted what was described as an “evaluation of the current situation” along borders with Lebanon.
Mofaz stated that the operation carried out by Hezbollah against the Israel army in the occupied Shiva farms, on Monday, is considered the widest since the Israeli withdrawal from the south of Lebanon in May 2000.  
Mofaz directly accused Syria and Iran of standing behind the recent escalation, and claimed that he had information which proved their involvement.
Meanwhile, Halutz said that Israel “will respond harshly”, and that the army is “ready and well prepared” for any possible escalation.
According to Halutz, Lebanon asked Israel to stop the shelling, while the Israeli radio reported that Hezbollah is contacting international parties in order to hand it the bodies of three fighters killed on Monday.
The Israeli army shelled several targets overnight, in southern Lebanon; the targets are believed to be camps for Hezbollah fighters.
Thirteen Israeli soldiers were injured, and four fighters were killed, on Monday afternoon, during the gun battle between Hezbollah fighters and Israeli soldiers in Mount Dov area