Sheikh Yasser Mansour, one of the prominent political leaders of Hamas movement, demanded international guarantees of Israeli commitments before talking about an agreement or a future truce.

He added that the participation of the movement in the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections will not be “on the expense of resistance”, but will be considered a parallel line to it.
Sheikh Mansour said during a ceremony held by the movement commemorating ِAyman Al Hinnawi, leader of Al Qassam Brigades in the north, the military wing of Hamas, who was assassinated two weeks ago.
Sheikh Mansour reported that the legislative elections should be held without any delays, adding that the movement decided to participate in these elections in order to serve the interests of the Palestinian people.
He stated that the movement made this decision to participate in the elections in order to conduct real political partnership adding that the “the people gave Hamas their support in the three phases of the municipal elections”.
“Now, it is the time for reform, and countering corruptions”, Sheikh Mansour said, “its time for reforms through free and fair elections”.
Mustafa Hanani, representatives of the Coordination Committee of the coalition of the National and Islamic factions, said that the Israeli occupation kills the people, the trees and continues its attacks and violations.
Hanani demanded the Arab and Islamic countries to stop their “race for normalization with Israel” on the expense of the Palestinian cause and struggle.