A source at the Islamic Endowment [Waqf] Department in Hebron reported that it received a military order from the Israeli army, on Friday evening, ordering the department to close the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron for twenty-four hours, in order to enable the settlers to celebrate a Jewish feast.

The source stated that this is the first time in thirty years in which the department receives such a decision to close the mosque during this particular feast known as Sarah Feast.
The mosque was closed on Friday afternoon, after the Muslims conducted the Friday prayers in order to receive Jewish worshipers there.
In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers increased their military presence and activities in several West Bank areas and installed dozens of roadblocks.
Also, a Palestinian security source reported that soldiers intensively deployed in the Hebron areas of Farsh Al Hawa, Al Sheikh, AL Riyah Mountain, Al Hawouz Al Awwal, Al Hawouz Al Thani, and Bab Al Zawiya, in the center of Hebron.
Two residents were arrested earlier on Saturday in Hebron after the soldiers broke into their homes and searching them, damage was reported.
The two residents were identified as, Hazim Ibrahim Al Qawasmi, 21, a student at the Hebron University, and Abdul-Qader Abu Aisha, 22 years old.