Extremist far-right settler groups in the West Bank, continued their declared war against the Palestinian groves, especially the Olive orchards, while the Israeli authorities failed to conduct any legal measures against them.

Apparently, the settlers were encouraged by the Israeli decision to close the complaints file, which contains complaints against the settlers without any investigation, or after claming that there is no sufficient evidence to build a case.
Yesh Hok Israeli organization, reported that 15 complaints were filed to the Israeli police since April 2005, after the settlers uprooted and burnet hundreds of olive trees.
So far, the police closed five cases without progressing them.
The total number of complaints filed since April is 84; the complaints were filed after the settlers attacked and damaged Palestinian properties and orchards.
Israeli police spokesperson in the West Bank refused to comment on the number of complaints which were filed against settlers’ attacks; but he said that 672 files against settlers who violated the law, and carried “hostile acts against the residents”, were discussed.
These files also include attacks carried out by soldiers and policemen.      
Residents of Salem village, near the West Bank city of Nablus, said that settlers uprooted 200 trees over the last two days, while the total number of trees uprooted by the settlers arrived to 900.