Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmad Qurei, called on the Israelis to elect political parties which support peace, affirming that the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people want peace.
Qurei stated that the Israeli military procedures and operations in the occupied territories are obstructing the peace process, and any progress of the peace talks. 
The statements of Qurei came at the beginning of a session for the Palestinian cabinet, in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
“We call on the Israelis to elect parties which support peace”, Qurei stated, “Peace is our strategic choice, we will make sure it is achieved”.
Also, Qurei added Israel is conducting procedures which are obstructing the peace process in the region, especially its procedures at the International Crossings, and is dividing the West Bank into three isolated cantons.
Qurei also said that Israel is isolating Jerusalem, and separating the residents of the surrounding areas, barring them from entering it, and blocking the geographical contiguity of the Palestinian territories.
“Israel constructed three crossing points in the West Bank; around Jerusalem, and between the northern and southern parts of the West Bank”, he added, “There is no peace without Jerusalem, but Israel is conducting procedures which intend to change the demography of the city and the whole area”. 
“These violations are very serious; it could affect the future of the whole area, and disrupt the peace efforts”.
Commenting on the statements of the Israeli Defense minister regarding barring Fateh movement from conducting the Premiers in the east of Jerusalem, Qurei said that these are negative impulses which show that Israel intends to obstruct the Palestinian Legislative elections scheduled for January 25, 2006.