Israeli soldiers attacked local, Israeli and international peace activists who marched against the Separation Wall in Aboud village, near the West bank city of Ramallah; several residents were injured, soldiers also attacked Israelis and internationals.

Soldiers closed the area which leads to the orchards which are being uprooted for the construction of the Wall and barred the protestors from crossing.
Hanna Khoury, member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Aboud, informed the IMEMC that soldiers told Arab member of Knesset Abdul-Malik Dahamsha, who participated in the protest, that the area was declared a closed military zone.
The protestors sat on the ground near the soldiers and conducted a sit-down protest, but the soldiers attacked and clubbed them with their batons, before firing at them.
Three Israeli peace activists were injured, in addition to several residents who suffocated after inhaling gas fired by the army; one resident was hit by three rubber-coated bullets in his abdomen and legs.
Also, soldiers attacked and clubbed one Israeli activist and a number of internationals.
Khoury stated that soldiers were intensively deployed in the area in addition to the under-cover units of the Israeli army, which attacked several residents using in a violent way in an attempt to arrest them.
Also, the national factions and the protestors voiced an appeal for the release of the of four peace activists abducted in Iraq.
The four victims are member of a Christian organization called the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), who work for peace in conflict areas such as Palestine, the Chiapas in Mexico and in Iraq, among other countries.
The four team members, Tom Fox, 54-year-old American, Norman Kember, 74-year-old Briton, James Loney, 41 and Harmeet Singh Sooden, 32 both from Canada,  went missing on November 26, later their images where shown on Al-Jazeera Satellite channel.
They were also active in protesting against the extremist settlers groups who continuously attack the Palestinian residents in Hebron.
The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Aboud, residents and activists intend to conduct a peaceful protest against the Wall in the village, on Sunday after Sunday prayers at the village’s churches.
Archimandrite Attallah Hanna, the official spokesperson of the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, will be present in the village to participate in the protest after conducting the Sunday service.