Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas media spokesperson, reported on Monday morning that the movement prepared a comprehensive program for the upcoming legislative elections, slated for January 25, 2006.

Abu Zuhri said in a press release in Gaza, that the program includes Hamas’ agenda and vision in the social, political, cultural and health sectors. 
Also, Abu Zuhri added that the movement will concentrate on countering corruption and chaos, which includes financial and administrative chaos, and finding proper solutions for poverty and unemployment, in addition to reforming the political system.
“We in Hamas intend to seek coalitions in the legislative council, and will present our program to all parliamentary blocs”, Abu Zuhri said, “The coalitions should be with parliamentary blocs that seek to implement a program which aims to achieve the interests of the Palestinian people”.  
Abu Zuhri added that Hamas will also support independent candidates, including candidate Moawiya Al Masry from Nablus, and several prominent public figures in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.
“Hamas’s campaign will not include weapons or any public display of weapons”, Abu Zuhri stated, “The elections law does not allow that, and we reject the public display of weapons; we will be the first to abide by the law”.