Mustafa Maloukh, 18, from Ramallah submitted a sworn testimony to the lawyer of Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, who visited him recently. The attorney preferred to remain unnamed in the report issued in this regard.

Maloukh said he was subjected to sexual harassment during his interrogation in the Russian Compound (Maskoubiyeh) prison. He was arrested in January, 2004 after Israeli troops surrounded his house in the pre-dawn hours and called out to him to surrender.
After he came out, they handcuffed and blindfolded him and put him in the jeep without informing him of the reason for his arrest, and took him to the settlement of Halmish where he stayed for four hours before being transported to the Russian Compound in Jerusalem.
 “I stayed 45 days in the Maskoubiyeh cells, all in solitary confinement even though I was still a minor at the time”, Maloukh said, “I was only 17 years old, interrogation sessions would last four hours a day and for the first 15 days I was not allowed to see my attorney”.
Maloukh added that during one of his interrogation sessions, a young female interrogator who went by the name of "Noora" was present and offered him sex in exchange of “confession”. 
“She was short and full-figured”, Maloukh stated, “She told me straight out that if I confessed, she would let me sleep with her and would do anything I asked”.
Maloukh said "Noora" would sit on his lap and get very close, lifting her blouse.
“She would take hold of my hands and try to put them on her body. Sometimes during the sessions, she would touch my body too”, he added, but when he refused to confess and answer her questions she used to kick him between his legs.
Also, Maloukh said that he was placed in a cell which had no windows, and the walls were black and rough.
“It was even hard to lean up against them”, he said, “There was a hole in the ground that served as a toilet, which was filthy”.
The mattress and blankets were both filthy and the air conditioning was always turned on in the cells even though his interrogation was during the winter.
Maloukh added at the end of his interrogation, the interrogator forced him to sign a paper in Hebrew.