Dozens of extremist settlers, accompanied by Israeli intelligence agents, stormed  Al Aqsa  Mosque on Tuesday morning, via the Mughrabi gate, amid intensive military presence in the Old City district of annexed East Jerusalem.

 At 7.30 am, Israeli police opened the gate and spread out special forces and rapid intervention units and individuals in Al Aqsa’s yards to give the highest  protection to the raiders.

Media expert in the affairs of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, Mahmoud Abu Atta, told Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency that 154 extremist settlers, including seven intelligence agents, stormed into the mosque in  large groups, and took a provocative tour around the courtyards, taking photos amid chanting Talmudic slogans.

Muslim devotees confronted them with Takbeer (chants of “Allahu Akhbar! (God is Greatest!)”

For further info, see  08/07/16 Al Aqsa Mosque: Extremist Raids Continue, One Guard and Six Rehabilitation Committee Members Detained