Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on the Palestinian resistance factions to remain committed to the truce which will expire by the end of the year, and slammed the latest firing of homemade shells against Israeli targets.
The statements of Abbas came as he was placing the foundation stone of a building which belongs to the Ministry of Justice in Gaza.
“The truce solidifies security in the Palestinian areas”, Abbas said, “The residents will not be threatened by missiles, war jets, and artillery; any irresponsible act will be considered as an attack against our people and interests”.
The truce was reached in February 2005, between Abbas and the Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon, in order to facilitate the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip. But the situation remained relatively calm as a result of the continuous Israeli operations, and assassinations, in the occupied territories and the attacks carried by the resistance in retaliation to the operations.
Hamas media spokesperson, Mosheer Al Masry, said on Saturday that the movement is still committed to the truce.
Also, Abbas said that the Palestinian security forces will start a wide-scaled security campaign in order to stop all sorts of chaos and insecurity in the Palestinian areas
He added that the P.A has carried out several positive procedures to stop the chaos, especially in Ramallah, Nablus and other areas in the north of the West Bank.