Israeli army invaded on Tuesday at dawn the West Bank city of Nablus and fired at dozens of homes; sever clashes were reported, one resident was killed, at least twenty residents were injured, one seriously.

The invasion was carried out approximately at 3 A.M; soldiers occupied a home in the city two hours after invading it and used it as a tower to fire at the residents
A local source in Nablus informed the IMEMC that resident Hussein Sakher, 22, suffered a gunshot injury in his head, and died of his wound at Rafidia Hospital, in Nablus.
Three medics were also injured while evacuating the injured residents, the source added.
Two Israeli soldiers were injured after an explosive charge was hurled at their jeep, army source reported.
The two soldiers were transferred to an Israeli hospital.
A British citizen living in Nablus informed the IMEMC that soldiers supported by dozens of armored vehicles invaded the city and clashed with dozens of residents killing one and injuring several other residents.
Some of the injured residents were identified as Husam Saqer, 23, from Huwwara refugee camp, Ala’ Al Ratroot, 24, Husam Al Masry, 19, and Jamal Qamhiyya, 19 years old.
Also, troops opened fired at dozens of homes in the city, and conducted wide scale house- to-house search.
Several ambulances were stopped and searched while attempting to evacuate the injured residents.
Army started evacuating from the city by the time of the publishing of this report.
In a separate incident, at least five Palestinians were arrested in Anabta village, near Tulkarem, and Salfit, in the West Bank.