Israeli soldier forced, on Wednesday morning, curfew on the village of Qabatia, and arrested 15 residents in the villages of Al Yamoun, Sielit Al Harthiyya near the West Bank city of Jenin.

Troops invaded Qabatia and closed all of its entrances and exit, barring the residents from moving in or out of the village, or even leaving their homes.

Wide scale search was conducted there, troops arrested Mo’taz Al Saho, Iz Ed Deen Zakarnah, Saleh Abu Zied, Ahmad Kamil and Mohammad Nazzal, local sources reported.

Also, army units invaded Sielit Al Harthiyya village north of Jenin and arrested Abdul-Mansour Jaradat and took him to unknown distention, eyewitnesses reported.

In an earlier incident, soldiers invaded, Al Yamoun village, east of Jenin and arrested nine residents.