An Israeli source reported on Wednesday that Amir Peretz, head of the Labor Party in Israel, said that he does not intend to conduct any parliamentary procedure which aims to topple the government and form a new government supported by 61 members of Knesset.

Yet, some senior leaders of the Labor party are trying to convince Peretz not to cancel this option, taking in consideration that toppling the current government, headed by Sharon, might reduce the support Sharon received after forming his new part Kadima, and increase the support to the Likud.
Peretz still rejects toppling the government; his close associates believe that if he accepts the notion, it will be harmful for his credibility even if he heads the government for a shot period.
Also, Peretz said that he rejects to form a government in alliance with the extreme right wing in Israel.
Member of Knesset, Matan Vilnai (Labor), said that Peretz is leading the party towards the left, and claimed the he [Vilnai] will maintain the party on its centralist position.