Semi final results of elections for Nablus municipality showed that Hamas achieved a big and unprecedented victory and achieved 13 seats, while Fateh movement achieved only two; other blocks did not show sufficient presence.

Hamas (Al Islah coalition) gained a total of 24268 votes, while Fateh (Palestine Tomorrow) achieved only 2053 votes, a coalition between the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and independent figures achieved 1078 votes, Al Mustqabal leftist coalition achieved 1078 votes, while an independent list (Construction and Development) achieved 1052.
Thousands of Hamas members and supporters gathered in the center of Nablus chanting Allahu Akbar (God is Great) while several youngsters carried Eng. Adli Ya’ish, the new mayor of Nablus.
Dr. Raed N’erat, head of the Political Science faculty at Al Najah National University, in Nablus, said that this victory of Hamas is considered a big achievement since it managed to win the elections in a city which is known of its wide support to Fateh movement.
N’erat attributed the “collapse” of Fateh in these elections to the recent disputes and divisions in the movement, adding that this division will have its significant appearance in the upcoming legislative elections.
Meanwhile, in Qabalan village near Nablus, the “One Body” block which belongs to Hamas achieved a big victory, and gained 1522 votes (9 seats), while “Palestine Tomorrow” block which belongs to Fateh only gained 513 votes (2 seats).  
In Dir Sharaf village near Nablus, Hamas won 3 seats, Fateh won two seats, while the rest of the seats went to independent blocks.
In Bazaria village, Fateh achieved five seats, Hamas two.
In Beit Amren village, Fateh achieved two seats while the rest was achieved by independent members.  
In Sorra village, three seats went to Fateh, same to Hamas.
In Einabus village, Hamas achieved three, Fateh one.
In Qaryout village, Hamas achieved three, Fateh one.
In Al Naqoura village, Fateh achieved four seats, and five were achieved by independent candidates.
Sheikh Yasser Mansour, one of Hamas political leaders in the West Bank, said that the primary results clearly shows that Hamas is achieving clear victories, especially in the main Palestinian cities, and some of the Palestinian villages.
“This shows that the Palestinians support reform, resistance and loyalty to the blood of the martyrs”, he said, “This victory is a huge motivation for Hamas to continue its path, which proved to be supported by the majority of the Palestinians”.  
Mansour added that Hamas will show strong presence in the Palestinian Legislative elections slated for January 25, 2006.