In an attempt to end the split in the Fateh movement, leaders of Fateh agreed on Sunday to present two separate lists of candidates for the legislative elections slated for January 2006.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has recently been trying to end the rift between Fateh veterans and the younger generation in the movement.
The internal conflict in the movement has given the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, a boost which has cost Fateh several Municipal elections in the West Bank; especially in larger cities such as Nablus, which was considered a Fateh’s stronghold.
As a result Fateh lost the municipal elections in several Palestinian villages, and cities.
Under the agreement reached on Sunday, each group will present its own list for the elections, and will refrain from putting forward “rival lists” which contain the same names.  
“It was decided that the Fateh movement will run the elections in two separate lists”, Palestinian Legislator, Qaddoura Fares said, “This issue will not weaken the movement, it will be like breathing from two lungs”.
Also, Fares added that the two Fateh lists will be unifying their efforts in order to beat Hamas in a democratic way.