Israeli head of Military Intelligence, Major General Aharon Zeevi, said during a cabinet session on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority will most likely split into two independent entities, one in the Gaza Strip and the other in the West Bank.

Zeevi believes that the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, would control the political and military powers in the Gaza Strip, which he called “Hamastan”, while in the West Bank, Fateh will control the areas and form a “Fatahstan”.
Meanwhile, Yuval Diskin, head of the Shin Bet security service, said that a possible disintegration in the Palestinian Authority is a dangerous issue since there will be no central government in the Palestinian territories.  
Also, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz stated that the crises in the P.A areas is deepening, and that it is this crises that is giving a rise to the power of Hamas. “This could lead to the delay of the January 28, 2006 legislative elections”, he added.
Mofaz said that the P.A is powerless, lacks action and a leadership crisis “when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks”. He added that these conditions put Israel in an intolerable position.  
Meanwhile, Zeevi made the accusation that Arab countries have been stockpiling missiles of a better quality and in larger quantities. These missiles threaten the heart of Israeli, he said.
He added that Iran, Syria and the Lebanon based Hezbollah party in addition to Hamas, are accumulating missiles that ranges from Qassam homemade shells to the Shihab three, which is a long range missile developed by Iran recently.
Zeevi also said that the increasing international pressure on Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah could lead the area into escalation, in the coming months, against Israel along the northern borders.