Israeli soldiers, supported by armored and jeeps, invaded the West Bank city of Nablus on Wednesday morning, exchanged fire with the resistance, and broke into dozens of homes in the northern mountain area and several areas in the city.

At least forty military vehicles invaded the city from several directions, especially from Balata refugee camp in the east, Beit Eeeba village from the West and Al Bathan-Nablus road in the north.  
The Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported that soldiers broke into the home Hasan Al Teety, one of their reporters in the city, and occupied it after positioning on its rooftop.
Al Jazeera reported on its news website that clashes erupted between dozens of schools students and soldiers after invading the city and surrounding several neighborhoods there, including schools.
The invasion was mainly carried out in the Old City of Nablus, Ras Al Ein neighborhood, Al Tour neighborhood, and areas around the Old City.
Also, soldiers closed Al Ashra, Hawwash, Ksheika and Al Basha streets, in the city and barred the residents from crossing.
Fire exchange between the resistance and the soldiers was reported in Al Basha Street, near the OLD City, in addition to gun battles which erupted after the army invaded Askar refugee camp, near Nablus.  
Dozens of home were occupied in Ras Al Ein neighborhood; families were forced in one room while the soldiers searched their homes.
Palestinenet news website reported that soldiers intensified their military procedures in checkpoint which were installed around Nablus area, and barred residents under the age of 30 from leaving it.