Residents, Israeli and international peace activists protested, on Friday afternoon, against the Separation Wall and settlements, in Bil’in near the West Bank city of Ramallah, and attempted to reach their orchards to protest there.

“Soldiers barred us from reaching there, and installed roadblocks” Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall informed the IMEMC, “They used excessive violence against us, and attacked the protestors with batons”.
Abu Rahma added that the protestors installed a tent near the Separation Wall and raised the Palestinian flag on the tent.
Four residents and one Israeli peace activist were injured after the army attacked the peaceful protestors with batons.
The Israeli activist suffered fractures in his hand after the soldiers threw him on the ground and clubbing him severely before arresting him along with another Israeli activist.
The arrested residents were identified as Adeeb Abu Rahma, Mustafa Al Khateeb, Fawwaz Al Maghazi, and Abu Ali Faqeeh. Resident Al Khateeb was also injured after the soldiers attacked and clubbed him.
Soldiers were unable to evacuate the tent; currently there are five international and four Palestinians there.
Abu Rahma informed the IMEMC that on February 1, 2006, the Israeli High court is slated to issue a ruling regarding the “legitimacy” of the wall Israeli was constructed around the settlements near Bil’in.
Michel Spark, the Israeli lawyer who represents the village, said that the main argument is his case depends on the fact that the wall is being constructed around settlements which are illegal; therefore any construction of Wall, or other constructions, is considered illegal too.
“We expect the court to release its verdict during that session”, Abu Rahma said, “We filed several appeals before, but the Israeli court did not accept them”.    
2300 Dunams of farmlands which belongs to the residents are currently isolated behind the Wall. The figure is 60% of the total orchards the residents of Bil’in own. Israel is using the annexed lands for the construction of Modi’in elite settlement.