Detainees of Islamic Jihad, currently detained in Jericho Central Prison, released a press released on Sunday, and announced an open ended hunger strike against the bad treatments they face, and demanding to be released from Palestinian prisons.

The detainees said in their statement that they “found themselves behind bars, and barbed wires”, but this time the jailer is a Palestinian and not the Israeli occupation.
“It hurts when you face injustice practiced against you by you own people”, the statement reads, “detainees of the Islamic Jihad are deprived of their basic rights, barred from visitations, and even are barred from meetings their lawyer or representatives of humanitarian organizations”.
Currently there are 44 detainees who officially declared hunger strike in Saturday eyeing.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad movement held the Palestinian Authority responsible for any harm or deterioration in the health conditions of the detainees.
“We support the struggle of the detainees, and their decent fight”, the movement said, “This strike means either death or liberation”.
Recently, Palestinian security men arrested dozens of the Islamic Jihad members, in the West Bank, after the movement claimed responsibility for the Netanya suicide bombing, in Israel earlier this month.
Five Israelis were killed and several others were injured in the suicide bombing which targeted a Mall in the coastal town.