The Islamic Jihad movements threatened to increase the firing of Qassam homemade shells should Israel carry out its plan to establish a “security strip” in the northern part of the Gaza Strip Gaza.

The movement said that it will fire more shells at strategic Israeli locations should Israel carry out its plan to establish the “security strip”.
Khaled Al Batsh, the spokesperson of the Islamic Jihad said that a security strip means that the resistance would have closer target to strike.
Al Batsh added that if the Israeli army continues its artillery fire on the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, the moment’s military wing will retaliate with Qassam shells.
“They have to understand that their army basis and the sensitive strategic infrastructure in Ashkelon are hinged on the Safety of the Palestinian residents”, Al Batsh added.
Israeli military sources reported that the military believes that the AL Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, is continuously improving the range of its shells.
The statement came after the Brigades managed to hit “Zakim” army base near Ashkelon, injuring five soldiers.   
One of the fighter of Al Quds brigades said that the fighters will strike the military basis on the border with Gaza.
“Just as they withdrew from their basis in Gaza, they will retreat from the basis on the northern border”, the fighter said, “They will withdraw and distance themselves from the range of our shells”.
Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority (P.A) slammed Israel on Sunday for its plan to create a “security strip” in Gaza.
The Palestinian Interior Ministry has ordered Palestinian security personnel to remain in their posts and carry on with their jurisdictional tasks.