Israeli Settlements Council claimed on Sunday that the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is preparing for another unilateral Disengagement Plan, in the occupied West Bank.

Several leaders of the Settlements Council said that Sharon prepared a list of eleven West Bank settlements which will supposedly be evacuated under this plan.
Some of the settlements mentioned in the plan are Doutan, Harmeesh, Elone Moreh, Enav, and Oteniel.
Israeli sources reported that several settlement leaders believe that it is a matter of time before there settlements are dismantled.
Physiological Care Department in Mateh Benjamin Settlement Bloc said that “Fear Factor” among the settlers has significantly increased after Israel implemented the Pullout Plan.
Benhas Valerstein, one of the settlements leaders said that the right wing and religious parties in Israel managed to achieve 68 Knesset seats.
Valerstein believe that any Knesset seat which Sharon’s new party (Kadima) manages to achieve will reduce the “right wing majority”.   
Also, Valerstein added that “moderate rights wing” in Israel, and oriental Jews who voted in the past for the right wing, are currently supporting the new head of the Labor Party Amir Peretz.