Israeli settlers of the Illegal settlement of Yetzhar uprooted on Monday morning 100 olive trees in an orchard which belongs to local farmers of the village of Borin near the West Bank city of Nablus.

Hussein Abdul-Latif, head of Burin village council, reported that settlers uprooted 100 trees which belong to the families of Al Zibin and Najjar, in Ein Ajbani area.
The people of Borin said this was not the first time settlers had uprooted their olive trees.
“Last month the settlers cut some 50 acres of orchards and more than 300 trees”, Bassam Eshataya a resident of Borin said, “Earlier this month they cut down dozens of trees”.
Three cases of vandalism of Palestinian orchards were reported during the last month-and-a-half in Nablus area, while another attack two took place in the vicinity of Borin over the past two weeks in which Israeli police claimed trees were not entirely cut off, and that only branches were severed.

Borin villagers, along with the International Solidarity Movement, filed complaints to the Israeli District Coordination Office; the office promised to investigate the incident.