The Israel army announced this week that it was resuming a level of high alert along the northern border with Lebanon, after claiming that the intelligence received reports that the Lebanese based Hezbollah party has plans to abduct Israeli soldiers.

The intelligence report claims that Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader, is planning abduct Israeli soldiers to avenge the imprisonment of Lebanese fighters in Israel.
Among the Lebanese fighters who are still captured in Israeli, Samir Quntar; Israel claims that Quntar killed several members of a family in Naharia
Quntar was captured in 1979, and was sentenced by an Israeli court to five life-terms.
The intelligence report said the party is also using the kidnapping threats to demonstrate its power to the Lebanese government in an attempt to force it cancel its attempts to disarm it.
Late November, several fighters of Hezbollah carried out an attack against an Israeli military base in Rajar occupied village, north of Israel; the fighters attempted to abduct Israeli soldiers posted in an army base in Har Dov.  
Four fighters were killed by Israeli paratroopers during the attack.
Meanwhile, the Israeli Army Northern Command said that it did not receive reports of any plans to abduct Israeli soldiers or civilians or any specific type of attack, but is currently making preparations with leaders of towns in the north in case of additional threats, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.