Israeli Labor Party chairman, Amir Peretz, slammed the policy of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, regarding illegal settlement outposts, and said that the they damage Israel’s image internationally.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Peretz said that Sharon is considering reaching a compromise between the rule of the law and the Yesha council of settlements in the West Bank.
“This is considered a political scandal”, Peretz said, “No one is authorized to mediate with a wholesale disregard of the law”.
Also, Peretz added that Israel is appearing as a lawless state, while Sharon is channeling funds and resources to outposts, and ignoring the development of periphery towns, in addition to the Negev and Galilee.
“Sharon cannot keep ignoring the law every time the law doesn’t seem to serve his interests”, Peretz stated, “He should dismantle some 140 illegal outposts mentioned in the Sasson report on illegal settlements and outpost”.
Peretz’s team is currently outlining Labor’s political agenda that will include a clause on the illegal outposts, under which the Sasson report, which recommended dismantling some 140 outposts, would be fully implemented.