An Israeli military source reported, on Tuesday at night, that Hezbollah fighters fired three Katyusha rockets at the Israeli northern town of Keryat Shmoneh; three homes were badly damaged.Firefighters and ambulances were dispatched to the area, and evacuated several residents who suffered shock, army source reported; one firefighter was mildly injured.

The residents were asked to evacuate their homes and enter the shelters after a power loss in Keryat Shmoneh, three homes were damaged.

Also, an explosion, apparently caused by a Katyusha rocket, was heard in Shlomi settlement in the Western Galilee, army and sappers were dispatched to the area.

Israeli army source reported that the total number of rockets fired at the two areas is six; at least three landed in Keryat Shmoneh.

Israeli sources reported that tension in the north affects the arrival of tourists to the area, especially after the first snows have attracted thousands to the Hermon ski resort over the Hanukkah vacation.

Security officials recently claimed that attack was initiated by Hezbollah, and that Hezbollah fighters intend to heat up the northern border and draw Israel into conflict with Lebanon, a step which is believed to ease pressure on Syria from the international community for its alleged involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri.

“They are trying to drag Israel into a military escalation in the area”, the source stated, and claimed that a Palestinian faction based in Lebanon fired the shells in order to drag Israel into retaliation, and engage on gun battles with Hezbollah.

Fateh faction in Lebanon, and Hezbollah denied any relation with the attacks, an Israeli media source reported.