The breakaway Fateh faction has formally announced, on Wednesday, that it would reunite with the Fateh elections list in the January 25 legislative elections, ending a dangerous split in the movement.

Mahmoud Dahlan, Minister of Civil Affairs, announced at a news conference on Wednesday that Fateh has merged its lists.
The statements of Dahlan came shortly before the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, was expected to submit a new united list of Fateh candidates for the elections.  
The young guard of the movement seeks a greater share of power; Dahlan is a part of the young guard which is headed by the jailed Fateh leader, Marwan Barghouthi.
Ahmad Ghneim, one of Fateh young guard leaders said, on Wednesday, that the young guard made a sacrifice for the sake of Fateh and its unity.
Ghneim added that not all of the demands were met, but the sides would join forces for the sake of Fateh to ensure victory in the elections.
Dahlan stated that the united Fateh list in accordance to the relative representation system will be headed by Barghouthi, and will include young members of the movement, while members of the central Committee and the Revolutionary Council of the movement, in addition to its current ministers will run in their own districts. 
Also, Dahlan added that Fateh wants to ensure that the elections are held without any delays, including the voting in Jerusalem district.
“Fateh will run the elections as a united bloc”, Dahlan said, “We will achieve victory”.
He called on all of the members of the movement in every Palestinian area to vote “otherwise the alternative will be a long path of darkness and loss”.
Moreover, Dahlan said that the previous list, which was voided, was not a list which would serve the movement and its members, while the new list includes different generations, and leaders.
“We are members of Fateh, we have always been members of the movement”, Dahlan stated “What we did was a protest which will be repeated if anybody tries to control it”.