The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem), reported that Israeli soldiers killed 197 residents in 2005, raising the number of residents killed since the outbreak of Al Aqsa Intifada late September 2000 to 3386.

According to B’Tselem report, 992 Israelis were killed since the outbreak of the Intifada, including 50 who were killed in 2005. Nine of the killed Israelis were soldiers.
118 Palestinians were killed by Israeli military fire in 2005 without being involved in any attacks; this number includes 7 bystanders who were killed during targeted killings carried by the army against resistance fighters. 
The Number of Palestinians who were assassinated arrived to 22 residents.
73 Palestinians were killed during exchange of fire with the soldiers; this number includes six residents who were killed in unclear conditions since they are not known as fighters in any resistance faction. 
The report also included a section on the Separation Wall Israel is constructing in the West Bank.
According to the report, Israel completed by the end of 2005, 31% of the routes of the Wall, and approved the construction of 43% of its total route.
According to recent data, the Separation Wall will snake around the West Bank for a total distance of 681 kilometers; 9.5% of its route is still not approved by the Israeli government.   
Regarding military roadblocks and checkpoints, B’Tselem reported that soldiers installed 27 fixed checkpoints on the borders between Israel and the West Bank, in addition to installing 16 additional fixed checkpoints, and hundreds of portable roadblocks in several West Bank areas.
41 sections (700km) of main roads in the West Bank are completely controlled by Israeli soldiers imposing restrictions on the movements of the Palestinian residents.   
Israeli is still holding approximately 8600 Palestinian detainees in dozens of prisons and detention facilities, among them 741 detainees imprisoned under "administrative detention orders", without sentencing them or allowing them to have legal representation. 
The Palestinian Ministry of Information reported that the number of female detainees arrived to 140 detainees imprisoned in Al Ramlah, Telmond detention facilities for women. This number includes 15 underage female detainees imprisoned in Telmond, Ofer, Negev, Atzion and Majeddo detention facilities.