Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, said on Wednesday that Israel will not negotiate with Hamas movement even if it was elected to the Palestinian legislative council.

The statements of Mofaz came during a meeting with high school students in Kfar Saba.
"We will only hold talks with Hamas if the movement changes its policies, and cancels its plans to harm Israel", Mofaz said, "Unless they recognize the state of Israel, and stop the calls to exterminate it, we will not hold talks with them".
Also, Mofaz added that since Israel implemented the disengagement plan, "only" 40 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, while there were no Israeli casualties.
Mofaz added that he rejects the idea of cutting off the power supply in the Gaza Strip as a means to pressure the resistance to halt the firing of homemade shells at Israeli areas.
The suggestion to cut the power supply off, one hour each time a shell is fired, was made by Yuval Steinitz, head of the Knesset Foreign and Security Committee, and several other officials from the extreme right wing in Israel.  
Steinitz also suggested cutting the power off for a whole day every time an Israeli is injured as a result of the homemade shells. 
Mofaz said that Israel has the right to fight what he described as "terrorist organizations", but cutting the power supply off will harm hospitals and civilians, which in return will harm the image of Israel on the international level.
Mofaz stated that the army is acting against the firing of homemade shells from the Gaza Strip, adding that stopping the shells is not achieve in one day. His statements came while he was defending his "Blue Skies" operation which aims to create off-limits areas in the Gaza Strip after forcedly evacuating the Palestinian residents.