A Palestinian source in Gaza reported that the Preventive Security Forces shot and killed a member of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on Wednesday evening, while he was hanging election posters for Hamas.

Media and Information Center reported that Rami Talal Al Dalo, 27, was shot and killed in Al Nasser neighborhood in Gaza City by members of the preventive security, which belongs to the Palestinian Authority.
According to local sources in Gaza, Al Dalo was hanging posters near a house of one of the senior officials of the P.A Preventive Security.
Members of the family of Al Dalo said that they know the identity of the shooters, and demanded the Palestinian Authority to probe the incident and arrest the security members responsible for the death of Talal.
Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas media spokesperson, said that Talal, who got married last month, is a victim of insecurity in the Gaza Strip.
Abu Zuhri added that the movement is following the developments closely, and demanded the P.A to conduct all the legal procedures regarding this issue.