Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday, the West Bank city of Hebron, and the nearby villages of Yatta, Bani Neim and Doura, and conducted military searches of homes.

A Palestinian security source in Yatta reported that soldiers, supported by armored vehicles, invaded the village, on Sunday at dawn, and searched several homes in neighborhoods south and east of the village.
Also, soldiers detained dozens of residents and interrogated them for several hours. The homes are located in the neighborhoods of Ihrayyiz, Al Jurfan, and Al Borka.  
The source stated that soldiers also searched olive orchards before occupying the home Ahmad Al Khateeb, and forcing his family members in one room in the first floor, used the second floor as a military post and used the rooftop as a monitoring tower.
In Bani Neim village, east of Hebron, soldiers broke into the home of Ayyoub Al Tarayra, searched it, and used it as a military post after forcing the family in one room.
Meanwhile, in Doura village, south of Hebron, soldiers broke into the home of Mahmoud Ahmad Amro, east of the village, after invading it and searching several homes.