Palestinian security and medical sources in Gaza reported, on Sunday, that Palestinian gunmen broke into a police headquarter in Gaza city, and exchanged fire with security men; one gunman was killed and three others were injured.
The gunmen said that they broke into the building in order to demand employment in the Palestinian devices.  
Ten other Palestinians were injured in earlier clashes which erupted between gunmen and P.A policemen in the central Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian ministry of interior reported that as a police force was attempted to arrest a resident of Dir Al Balah, a number of his relatives exchanged fire with them; the resident is wanted for criminal charges.
One policeman was seriously injured in the clashes.  
Several Palestinian factions released statements demanding the Palestinian Authority to end the state of chaos and insecurity in the Palestinian territories.
The factions condemned the violent clashes, the abduction of foreigners, and attacks against governmental buildings.  
Meanwhile, as the infighting inflamed in Gaza, Israeli artillery fired several artillery shells at areas in the northern Gaza Strip.
An Israeli military source claimed that resistance fighters are using the shelled are to fire homemade shells at areas, south of Israel.