Israeli soldiers resumed, on Sunday, the strict siege wrapping Tulkarem area and installed dozens of roadblocks on main roads which links Tulkarem with the surrounding villages, and other Palestinian areas.

Palestinenet News Website reported that soldiers barred the residents from crossing the roadblocks, and threatened to fire at them if they attempt to.
The residents were forced them to head for other destinations after they were unable to go back home.  
A number of merchants who were attempting to bring goods to Tulkarem area said that soldiers refused to allow the camions and vehicles carrying the merchandise to crossing.
Several merchants reported that closure is them considerable losses especially since the unemployment rates are increasing.
Head of the Chamber of Commerce in Tulkarem, Shukri Al Jallad, appealed the international organizations to end the suffering of the residents, and warned of a real economic collapse in Tulkarem area.  
Also, several candidates to the Palestinian Legislative Council said that the military procedures are barring them from campaigning in Tulkarem and its surrounding areas.
Several candidates were detained on military checkpoints for several hours, and were barred from crossing.  
The candidates had to walk through lands and hills in order to reach the villages and campaign their.