Family of detainee Dhirar Ahmad Ibrahim, 28, from Kafer Ra’ey, near Tulkarem, appealed humanitarian organizations, locally and internationally, to pressure the Israeli Authorities in order to provide their ailing detained son with the needed medical treatment.

Ibrahim is gradually losing his sight after suffering a sickness in his eyes while the Israeli Prison Authorities are rejecting to transfer him to hospital for medical treatment.
Ibrahim, who was sentenced to four years imprisonment, underwent a medical surgery in his eyes before he was arrested.
Doctors implanted a cornea for Ibrahim before he was arrested, and needs monitoring and further medical checkup and follow-up.
Ibrahim was severely tortured during interrogation, and was repeatedly hit on his face and eyes.
The family of Ibrahim said that doctors who work with the Israeli Prison Authority said that he has a virus in his eye, and that medical neglect could cause him to lose his sight.
hey added that they are willing to pay the expenses of the medical treatment of their son, and to send him a specialized physician, and appealed the Red Cross to interfere in order to provide their son with the needed medical treatment.