In contradictory to the Israeli public statements which claim allowing the Palestinians conduct election campaign in Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers barred Ahmad Majdalani, head of Freedom and Social Justice Elections list, from entering Jerusalem in spite that he carried the needed entry permit.

Freedom and Social Justice list denounced the Israeli involvement in the Palestinian internal affairs, and the Israeli violations regarding the freedom to campaign in the Palestinians territories, and east Jerusalem.
The list demanded the international community to stop the Israeli violations and pressure Israel in order to abide by the agreements and stop its attacks which harm the democratic process.
Also, the list demanded Israel to lift the closure strictly imposed on the Palestinian territories, and grant the residents the needed freedom of movement.
Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers arrested on Monday at night, two members of the National Struggle Front while placing posters for two candidates of the list. The two residents were identified as Eyad Zahaika and Isam Za’atra. 
"These violations prove that Israel does not respect the Palestinian right of free elections in the Palestinian territories, including east of Jerusalem", a statement release by the list reads, "We demand the international community to make sure that Israel abides to its obligations, and stops its violations.
The list also demanded Israel to lift all military roadblocks in the West Bank in order to grant the freedom of movement for the residents who became imprisoned in their cities, towns and refugee camps.