Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine condemned the state of chaos and insecurity in the Palestinian territories, and called on the Palestinian Authority and factions to unite in order to uproot this phenomenon which is considered an additional threat to the Palestinian society and resistance.

Sheikh Nafith Azzam, one of the prominent leaders of the Islamic Jihad, said that the movement has issued by the condemning all lawless acts which included the recent abductions of foreigners, and firing at the residents in addition to the killing of two Egyptian border guards on the Gaza Egypt borders last week. 
Sheikh Azzam added that abducting foreigners is against the morals of the Palestinian people and harms their cause and interests.
He added that insecurity is providing the government of the United States and Israel with alibis to press the issue of disarming the resistance factions, "while resistance only uses its arms against the occupation", he said.
Sheikh Azzam called on the Palestinian Authority to conduct its responsibilities and stop all sorts of chaos and insecurity.
"We have to understand that chaos and insecurity harms our cause and legitimate struggle against the occupation", Sheikh Azzam added.