Israeli source reported on Tuesday evening that Shimon Peres will apparently be placed second on Kadima elections list for the upcoming governmental election in March.

The deal was struck in recent days between Shimon Peres, and Kadima party chairman and acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in addition to Tzipi Livni.
According to a report published by the Israeli TV channel 2, Livni will be appointed as a Foreign Minister should Kadima form the next government.
Israeli online daily Ynetnews reported that Peres is expected to back Olmert in the elections in exchange for the number two spot.
The Ynetnews added that Livni was consulted on the matter especially since she was designated for number two position, and that she gave up the second spot "for the sake of the party".
Livni will hold the third place on Kadima’s list of parliamentary candidates for the Israeli seventeenth Knesset.
Kadima party senior officials were informed by Olmert of the deal which he helped broker. Yet, a senior party official said that this deal is not final, and warned of possible changes in Kadima ahead of the March 28 Knesset elections.  
The official added that should Sharon show sufficient articulacy he will have the final word on the positions in Kadima, even if he was ruled unfit to lead the party.