An Israeli Court started on Tuesday hearing witnesses in the case of Mohammed Mansour, a non-violent-protest organizer against the Separation Wall in Biddu village near Jerusalem.The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said that Mohammed was initially arrested in June 2004 during a nonviolent procession against the Wall in Al Ram neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Undercover Israeli agents stormed the crowd and many, including Mohammed and a Palestinian photographer for "Yedioth Ahronot, were severely beaten.

Mohammad was hospitalized and then detained for a week before his release on bail together with three other residents.

Five Israeli peace activists, were also arrested during the procession, and were released a few hours following their arrest.

The prosecution offered to close the case if Mohammed would agree to stop participating in processions against the Wall for the next two years and pay a 3,500 New Israeli Shekels fine.

"I prefer to be imprisoned rather than paying one shekel to the Occupation," Mohammed said.