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28 Sep

B’Tselem : Playing the Security Card: Israeli Policy in Hebron as Means to Effect Forcible Transfer of Local Palestinians

For 25 years, Israel has been openly pursuing a policy of segregation in the center of Hebron, in order to allow a handful of Jewish residents to live as though they had not settled in the middle of a bustling Palestinian city, in the heart of an occupied territory. This […]

18 Jul

B’Tselem: “Contrary to military statement: ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Shteiwi, 9, was shot in the head with live ammunition”

This Report is prepared and published by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights In The Occupied Territories (B’Tselem): B’Tselem investigation published today proves a soldier fired live ammunition, hitting ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Shteiwi, 9, in the head. A-Shteiwi was injured last week while playing in the entrance to a home […]

29 Mar

B’Tselem: Gaza Not a “Combat Zone”, Shooting at Demonstrators a Crime

B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights In The Occupied Territories: Ahead of the Palestinian demonstrations planned to start tomorrow (Friday) in Gaza, Israeli officials have repeatedly threatened to respond with lethal force. Completely ignoring the humanitarian disaster in Gaza and Israel’s responsibility for it, they are couching […]